4 Must Read Books for Planning Your Tech Startup

It’s everything they don’t teach software developers.

1. Business Model Generation

Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pignuer

The Business Model Canvas

2. Hooked: How build habit forming products

Nir Eyal

3. Zero to One: Notes on Startups or How To Build The Future

Peter Thiel

  1. The Timing Question
    Is now the right time to start your particular business?
  2. The Monopoly Question
    Are you starting with a big share of a small market?
  3. The People Question
    Do you have the right team?
  4. The Distribution Question
    Do you have a way to not just create but deliver your product?
  5. The Durability Question
    Will your market position be defensible 10 and 20 years into the future?
  6. The Secret Question
    Have you identified a unique opportunity that others don’t see?

4. Traction: How any startup can achieve explosive customer growth

Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares


That’s it, that’s my list. I hope this helps somebody, and if it doesn’t then well at least you got to witness a lacklustre example of Target Market Blogging.

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